A lot of men look into pheromone products as a “quick fix” for their social, romantic, or professional problems.

Unfortunately, as powerful as pheromones are, they are not magic.

They won’t make women hound you for your phone number, nor will they turn you into the “life of the party”... what they will do, is give you a huge “leg up” in your social, romantic, and professional life.

Developing well rounded social skills, confidence, charisma, and other attractive personality traits is something everyone should strive for.

And while pheromones can and do help, you still have to develop the personality traits to truly make them “work” how they’re supposed to.

Remember, perfection is a journey, not a destination.

We’re all looking for ways to better ourselves.

Now, in my own personal journey, I’ve ACCELERATED my progress in many, many areas of my life using pheromones.


I’ve improved my social skills, boosted my confidence to levels I never dreamed of, and naturally attract fruitful friendships. Women also naturally tend to be naturally attracted towards me, whether I use pheromones or not.

Pheromones definitely give me another huge “turbo charge” to my personality.

To date, Bad Wolf has been my weapon of choice as of late.

Here’s a quick description off the site:

“There is nothing worse than a pheromone product that you can’t tell if it is working. You use it all day and nobody does anything out of the ordinary. You are as invisible, ordinary and boring as always, just another freaking wasted day in your life.It makes you think, what is the point of your existence? Is it really just to punch a time clock, watch TV, sleep, eat and do it again until you die? Slowly letting go of your hopes and dreams as you age, realizing all those big plans aren’t going to happen?”


Let me ask you a question:

Are you living life on your terms, and proud of where you’re at?

I you’re looking at pheromones as a way to improve, and make your life more interesting, then you’re in the right place. But the worst part is, not even pheromone products can make you change your ways.


But what if you had a product that didn’t work... until you ticked all the right boxes? You were forced to develop charisma, confidence, and social skills in order to make it work properly?

Well, there is such a product - It’s called Bad Wolf by Liquid Alchemy Labs.

It’s one of the highest rated products at the House Of Pheromones. What’s worse than note getting what you want out of life?


Not getting used to not getting the girl you want... maybe even letting go of the hope that you might win is worse. How about being a “nice” guy and always getting kicked in the nuts for your niceness? How does that make you feel?

Most products are designed to give you self effects that boost your confidence, but there is no pheromone cologne that does it quite like Bad Wolf by Liquid Alchemy Labs.

BW has a “larger than life” persona which you will have to adapt your personality into, in order to make it work properly. But once you have become accustomed to it, it will be your “secret weapon” that will be more powerful than any other pheromone product you can currently get on the market.


It’s totally up to you to decide what path you want to take - I simply prefer that fast lane :)

Using a unique product designed to get you those results, and quite literally “steer” you in the direction you need to be taking is invaluable.

Using pheromone products that contain androstadienone, and also products designed specifically to create the “fallout effect” can work great for getting women into relationships. However, that’s a post for another day.